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Women are raking in construction accolades

Compiled by Cherry Ellis
Traditionally the world of construction was dominated by men. Today the profession is seen as an attractive career choice for many SA women and an entrepreneurial opportunity for them to earn a living.

Dealing with apartheid spatial planning

By Ntsako Khosa
The democratic government inherited apartheid’s legacy of spatial planning which placed poor communities away from economic, social and educational opportunities.

Understanding insulation

By Ntsako Khosa
Insulation is often a neglected part of the building process, but it plays a significant role in regulating temperature of a home and offers significant savings to energy costs.

Building beyond bricks and mortar

Dineo Phoshoko with input from Greenlite concrete 
SA Affordable Housing has an in-depth look at alternative building materials currently available on the market and we consider the pros and cons for the affordable housing sector.

Looking at ‘bad’ buildings: part 2

By Ntsako Khosa
In part 1 (SA Affordable Housing, issue 69), we looked at some of the issues surrounding ‘bad’, ‘hijacked’ or problem buildings in the inner city. With a myriad of definitions and causes attributed to their creation, we look at the solutions.

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