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Making design concepts real

Creative clients matched with a designer and contractor with the same mindset, is a recipe set to bring innovative roof design. Usually clients offer their requirements and it is up to the professionals in the industry to execute as close to the idea as possible.

Despite tough economic times in the industry and dismal growth in GDP, construction projects do pop up from time to time. In an interview with Safintra, head of sales and operations, Justin Jackson, mentions that in 2017 construction in the industrial and commercial sector amounted to a handful. “There has been a year-on-year decline in business in the construction sector of about 20%.” This however didn’t deter clients seeking to change the status quo of their buildings.

Common practice is that a contractor tenders for a project, on occasion, the client may approach an architectural or construction firm to execute their design. Firms like Hofman Architects and Cape Reed International speak of being contracted to execute their services. Hofman Architects worked on the Atterbury headquarters, Die Klubhuis, located in Pretoria, while Cape Reed offered its international expertise to a children’s Paradise Park and an outside area at a private residence in Dubai.

Architects of Justice (AOJ) is one such firm; this architectural fraternity was approached after the client saw one of its projects. “It was one of our early projects, Supplementary Extended Education Device (SEED) Library, a library structure for the MC Weiler Primary School in Alexandra, Johannesburg, which led to the practice being approached by the client,” explains Kuba Granicki.

The project is situated within Mjejane Private Game Reserve, a private Big 5 game reserve incorporated into the Kruger National Park.

Client requirements

Local or international, clients often seek an innovative and unique structure that is an extension of who they are or what they represent. Of course, briefs vary from client to client, however, many of them fall under the same themes such as innovation, sustainability and exclusivity.

Lately, many of the projects that have come up seek a design that is extraordinary, an escape from the big city life, something that stands out from the hustle and bustle, a refreshing or natural look. According to Cape Reed International, one of their clients had a dream of a place second to none in Dubai.

“To be specific – a world of fantasy where children of all ages could explore, learn and play in a natural environment,” Jonathan Bosazza from Bosazza Roofing says. This was requested to enable the children to connect with nature, while at the same time getting some exercise and stimulation – other than electronically. To that effect, the client required a variety of play-structures, landscaping, a coffee shop for parents and guardians as well as a farmer’s market where kids can sell their home or hand-made produce and products. For the private residence the client was motivated by the idea of having a suitable area at home to reduce the need to go elsewhere to have fun. Cape Reed was appointed to bring the idea to life.

Contractor offerings and executions

Experience and qualifications that match the experience are key in the industry. It is very rare that a client will hire an inexperienced, unqualified contractor or an individual who has little to show for his talents. Experience is one of the characteristics that landed AOJ the Mjejane project. The same is said for many established companies in the industry.

Over and above experience and qualifications, the type of projects that the company has capacity to work on also plays a role in being selected. Commercial, industrial, residential and so on – the more sectors a contractor has experience in, the better the chances of being selected.

“As contractors of large commercial projects to smaller residential ones, Cape Reed are specialists in the creation of customised structures from natural to sustainable,” says Bosazza. “Our main reason for starting our own business, was that we wanted to do architecture in a way that all the projects we touched would be unique and exciting,” shares Granicki. AOJ partners share a common goal to make a positive effect on the built environment.

It is in the tendering process where contractors and professionals alike present their abilities for successful construction of structure. If a client is pleased with what the contracting company has to offer, they are appointed.

Once the concept has been approved by the client it is now up to the designers, architects and contractors to find a way to execute it to the ‘T’.

Innovative roof projects

X-Park Junior by Cape Reed International

To realise the clients vision of a Paradise Park and to emphasise the jungle theme, the design team worked closely with the construction team to create multiple enclosed areas and forming the play-structures. The park covers a total area of 2 400m2.

“Large double doors and an elevated arch forms the entrance to this treasure. A plethora of climbing structures await the eager little ones. These structures include various climbing passages, ropes and walls, as well as elevated towers, monkey bars, cargo nets, slides, swings, an elasticised spider-web, sandpits and even mini valleys as a bonus,” says Bosazza.

Inside Out by Cape Reed International

Describing the client requirements as overwhelming, was the seed to create a tailormade outdoor living space – a challenge for the team.

“Always up for a challenge, the team put their passion and years of international experience to the test and closely liaised with the client to create the ultimate entertainment area. Right from the start Cape Reed was actively involved in the entire process – from the conceptual and design phases right up to the final construction, landscaping and interior decorating,” Bosazza says.

A contemporary bar area was created to overlook the swimming pool and was designed with the primary aim of having great fun. The fully equipped bar and seating area is finished off with a built-in braai and fireplace that is absolutely perfect for preparing al-fresco dinners or setting just the right ambience by simply lighting a fire.

To the side of the structure a lounge was incorporated to create a soft seating area where one can relax in a covered space that creates an easy flow from the indoors to the outdoors. Together with this the view of the garden is masterfully paired with the timber and thatch surroundings so that nature resonates in every corner of the structure, creating a sense of calm and serenity that is second to none.

Overall look and feel

Many may argue that everything has been invented, that what is being done these days is a reinvention of the wheel. But systems, products and designs are changing dramatically. A design that meets concept of client perfectly is what contractors seek to unveil. And, they do this very well.


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