More than a tiny home


With the ever-increasing demand for housing but with limited space, Swissline Design has created a nifty modular timber unit called the Nano Mobile, inspired by tiny home living.

With a complete floor space of 41m2 including a full bathroom, the Nano Mobile accommodates up to four people.

The nifty part of this unit, is the convenience of finishing the entire unit, lock stock and barrel, at Swissline’s workshop and delivering the unit in its complete form directly to site, ready to be connected to main water and electrical supplies.

The unit is specifically designed for travel on almost all South African roads and any site where there is access for a vehicle and 7m long trailer, the unit can be lowered onto position. This is an exciting way of the future particularly in addressing the country’s housing deficit.

For information, contact +27 (0) 21 945 2731