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Upat has launched the Stabila LAX 50G, the latest-generation cross-line laser, featuring GreenBEAM technology for optimum visibility – the GreenBEAM green laser lines are four times more visible than red lasers.

Cost-effective and energy-saving, the LAX 50G provides an extended operating time of up to seven hours. The long, fine laser lines ensure a levelling accuracy of about 0.5mm for distances of up to 30m, with laser wave lengths of between 510nm and 530nm.

These razor-sharp cross-lines are suitable for larger working areas, namely for craftsmen working on interior construction projects. With inbuilt pendulum technology, the laser can be positioned flexibly and variably to meet the requirements of the specific application.

It is available in a set including the laser unit, multi-purpose platform, belt pouch and three AA 1.5V batteries. A tripod and LT 30 telescopic laser support are also available to extend the unit’s application range.

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