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Tork Craft’s Pro Series Nibbler, a double bit metal sheet cutter, makes metal cutting a walk in the park.

This unit attaches to an electric or cordless drill, delivering 3000rpm which most drills deliver with ease. It cuts most metals, iron plate to a maximum of 1.8mm, stainless steel plate 1.2mm, copper, aluminium, plastic and plywood to a thickness of 2mm.

The Tork Craft Pro Series Nibbler boasts a metal sheet cutting speed of 2m per minute. Straight line and any shape cutting is made super easy, offering a perfect clean cut with no burrs at the cutting edges.

A metal bit cooling oil is recommended for long cuts. Operating instructions are simple when cutting plate – mount the plate to be cut about 15cm from your cutting platform or bench; the drill and cutter must be vertical to the plate you are cutting.

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